Staffing and Ratios

A qualified teacher leads the Pre-school setting, the majority of staff have a level three or above qualification and the setting has two staff at level 2  working towards there level 3 qualifications.

We have designated representatives to deal with Additional Educational Needs, Health & Safety and Safeguarding, Child protection etc - who are trained accordingly.

Staff are kind, caring & always available for the children.

Staffing ratios are closely monitored within our setting. This ensures the best level of care for your child. Legislative requirements for levels of care are: 1 member of staff for every four 2-3 year olds. 1 member of staff for every eight 3-5 year olds.

Staff are also dedicated to their own professional development.

Key Person Approach

Each child that joins the nursery will have their specific key person, this is a trained member of staff that will assess and document your child's progress throughout their stay this information is fed into the curriculum planning so that individual needs are catered for and their learning is extended.

For details on your child's personal key person please see the parent news board or a member of staff, you can view your child's folder at any time. Children are separated into groups according to their stage of development, they share this special time with their key person or buddy and not only does it extend their learning experiences it also helps to build on the bond with their peers and gives the children a real sense of belonging and identity within the group.