All of our meals are freshly cooked daily in a kitchen that has been fully inspected and approved by the food standards agency and was awarded top marks (5 out of 5) during our recent inspection in 2015. Dinners may be purchased for only £2.00 per day.

Alternatively you can provide your child with a healthy nutritious packed lunch in line with the setting's Healthy Eating policy. [attach link]

If you sign up for your child to attend over meal times you will only be able to change your selection giving two weeks notice.

We provide breakfast & afternoon tea for those children attending the early or late sessions. This is included in the cost of each session.

In addition we also give the children a selection of fruit to eat during the morning & afternoon sessions.

If your child has any additional dietary requirements we will do our best to accommodate them. We do have list of allergens contained in the dinner time menu for those that wish to view it.